NO hassle, NO upfront costs, and NO risk fundraising.

What we do:

We help you create an online t-shirt fundraising store personalized towards your brand and goal. Whether it’s your school, team, event, business, group or organization, we give you a clean, easy to use fundraising site. We want to make it easy for you to raise money for your cause. We handle printing, billing, shipping, and customer service for you with no hassle.


All you do is promote! The more you advertise, the more you earn.

So why would you use T-Shirts as a fundraising option?

When it comes to marketing and fundraising, most people will think, we can either go cheap, or hit the home run and go expensive. That however, does not have to be the case. Sometimes you don’t have to choose to either run an extravagant or simple marketing and fundraising campaign. Just having a simple T-Shirt can do the trick. Think about it…. How many times have you walked down the street and noticed what people are wearing? A lot right? It’s usually the first thing you notice about a person. Now think if you had a logo, a theme, and a good campaign idea. You could set the world on fire! With Data Graphics Promotions we can help you achieve your t-shirt fundraising goal. Just give us your logo or artwork, we’ll print your artwork on the apparel of your choice, and make sure your t-shirt stands out and gets your customer market engaged. Contact us today to hear more about our fundraising options and how you can help raise money for your cause or event.

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