Unicorn Shirt

Order 1 Embroidered Shirt and Get 100 Free Unicorn T-Shirts

Unicorns have finally been discovered, and we are celebrating with free t-shirts. North Korea has recently released indisputable proof that this creature, once thought mythical, is actually thriving in their secluded lairs.


Special thanks to Data Graphics President, Brad Butterstein, for using his Sears Catalogue modeling skills, and being a good sport.


We have captured the raw beauty of this majestic creature in our custom unicorn tee. Order just one embroidered shirt and get 100 of these scintillating shirts for free. (Some terms and conditions apply.) Shirts come in XS-XXL and in 100 colors. Yes, you could wear this shirt in a different color for 100 straight days. Just think what your co-workers would say. Or share the joy. Just think of the look on the faces of friends and family as they unwrap this unique gift.  But don’t order yet, we will personally embroider your name on one shirt for free. We know you will want your family name associated with this image for generations.


  • For external use only.
  • May cause skin irritation to people allergic to shirts.
  • Do not iron while wearing.
  • Shirt may contain nuts.
  • Do not attempt to operate motor vehicle without first seeing how this shirt effects other motorists.
  • Shirt may present a choking hazard to people who crave unicorn meat.
  • Unicorn horn is made of 100% unicorn hair, which glows in the dark and may cause birth defects in mice.
  • Keep this shirt away from sexy mice.
  • Unicorn hair has been known to burst into flames if exposed to UV light.
  • Shirt may molecularly bond to certain types of skin.
  • Purchaser solely responsible for cleaning up any unicorn droppings that shirt may produce.
  • Discontinue wearing shirt of any of the following occurs: itching, vertigo, gingivitis, slurred speech, loss of friendships, profuse sweating, acute case of loneliness, heart palpitations, sudden blindness, hoof and mouth disease.
  • When not in use, shirt must be stored in an oxygen-free environment in which the temperature never exceeds -57 degrees farenheit. Failure to do so releases Data Graphics Promotions, and its parent company, Data Graphics Inc. from all liability.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, taunt the unicorn!
  • Unicorn shirt comes with a 250 year unlimited warranty.

Terms and Conditions-

To redeem this offer, please come to our facility in Mt Dora, FL with your unicorn. You and unicorn must be present to win. All winners and losers must have an excellent sense of humor.

Oh, and happy April Fool’s Day!