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Political Campaign Signs with That Stand Out from the Crowd

Since 1984, the use of custom political signs has quadrupled, according to The Atlantic. While some strategists note that “No campaign sign ever voted,” the fact remains that cheap political signs are growing in popularity. As Dr. Christopher Muro, renowned political scientist says, “Just take a look at who actually wins the elections…You’ll notice that in almost all of them, the winners, have a much bigger campaign sign presence than the losing candidates.” There are three important considerations for your political sign printing:

  • The role of custom political signs
  • Design elements of good political yard signs
  • Choosing a political sign maker that can provide the best political sign printing.

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    Use Our Custom Political Sign Maker / Designer

    Why Choose DG Promotions As Your Political Sign Maker

    Why Choose DG Promotions As Your Political Sign Maker?

    • Highest Quality – DG Promotions is a division of Data Graphics, an award-winning AS 9100, ISO 9001, and UL certified printer. We may be the nation’s most certified, source for high quality political campaign signs. We average 99% approved order rates, and more than 80% of our customers repeat order. That’s proof of high quality printing.
    • Built to Last Until Election Day –The time a sign is on display matters. So do the materials and the ink. Political scientists believe a key best practice is placing political campaign signs early, so it is vital that your custom political signs are made to last. Paper signs do not hold up well to the elements, but even coroplast signs are vulnerable to the elements. Most digital printers use water-based inks, either aqueous pigment or dye, to print political campaign signs, both of which are susceptible to moisture. Aqueous pigment can withstand UV fading, but the colors are dull. Aqueous dyes create vibrant colors, but are extremely susceptible UV exposure. Our flatbed printer exclusively uses UV ink, which actually cures through UV exposure, making our political campaign signs virtually

      Highest Quality Political Sign Printing

      impervious to UV, and bad weather. This creates the most vibrant colors any digital printer can create and it will last until election day.

    • Size – We are big enough to have the most modern, cutting edge machines, yet small enough that we value each of our clients. You will never be just another number because, at DG Promotions, your custom political signs matter to us.
    • Versatility – We are one of the most versatile printers in the nation. Whether the appropriate choice for your campaign sign is our Arizona flatbed digital printer, our Roland banner printer, or our screen presses. We can print virtually anything you from campaign stickers to 4’ x 8’ custom political campaign signs.
    • Problem Solvers – With literally hundreds of years of collective printing experience, our expert staff is experienced and helpful. Design your campaign lawn signs yourself, or let our art department help you get the most professional look. Our sales team are friendly problem-solvers. You won’t find a political sign maker you enjoy working with more than DG Promotions.
    • Speed – We’re an industry leader with political sign printing times of 2-10 working days. Call 800-714-3583 now for a free quote and see just how fast we really are.
    • Confidentiality – Data Graphics is an ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations Compliant) printer, following the highest government-reviewed standards for security and confidentiality. We are happy to sign a NDA. We may be the only political sign printing house in the nation to have achieved this certification.
    • Great Rates – We have huge discounts for large run, cheap political signs. Cheap, high quality, digitally-printed, coroplast campaign lawn signs start at $1.70. For digital quality custom campaign signs, that’s an outstanding price.

    Political Sign Printing Costs – Complete Pricing Schedule

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    The Role of Political Yard Signs

    The Role of Political Yard Signs


    Who Knew Cheap Political Signs Could Have Such a Great Look?

    Do Political Campaign Signs Really Work in Modern Politics?

    There is plenty of evidence that even cheap political yard signs play a valuable role in campaign success.

    Even Cheap Political Yard Signs Profoundly Effect Name Recognition

    The key function of campaign lawn signs is certainly name recognition. Mel Kahn, Wichita State University political scientist, says “candidates are aware, or should be aware, that people don’t vote for persons whose name they do not know. And so (cheap political yard signs provide) a way, at the grassroots level, of establishing name recognition.” Experienced campaign managers understand the importance of name recognition, especially in local elections. Dr. Muro expounds, each campaign sign “gets the name out, and name recognition is a crucial component for a candidate seeking to be elected.” Counting the number of campaign lawn signs candidates display does help predict how many votes each will receive, according to multiple studies. Correlation is not causation, however. To determine the effect political campaign signs have on voter behavior, political scientists have actually conducted controlled experiments.

    Campaign Lawn Signs Effect Voter Turnout

    Fordham University professor Costas Panagopoulos, in the only known, randomized academic experiment, had volunteers carry a campaign sign in select precincts encouraging people to vote. Though each of the precincts had historically similar voter turn-out, he confirmed that the ones visited by his campaign sign-waving volunteers had nearly four points higher voter-turn-out than the control precincts. Panagopoulos hypothesized that publicly promoting a cause might create social pressure on neighbors to vote. Political scientists conclude that custom campaigns signs are less about persuading voters than engaging them.

    Campaign Lawn Signs Effect Constituent Engagement


    Cheap Political Signs with a Classic Look

    Custom political signs can have a direct impact on constituent engagement. The key example may be Millennials. Young people, by virtually all measures, are less politically active than older Americans. According to an Ohio State study, however, they were actually more likely to display a campaign sign than older Americans. Young people surveyed in 2015 indicated that custom political campaign signs were one of the types of activism they were most comfortable with. Public displaying a campaign sign can even be contagious, the Ohio State study found. Constituents whose neighbors had campaign sign were statistically more likely to display one themselves.

    Cheap political yard signs can have a far reaching impact, according to commentator Brian Morris. Local media generally provide more news coverage to candidates when they see more of that candidates’ custom campaign signs. “That coverage, in turn, reaches far more voters than the signs alone – thus, a few hundred cheap political yard signs can spur a snowball effect that helps the campaign branch out to thousands of voters via media coverage. Morris notes that cheap political signs can be extraordinarily cost-effective if done early.

    In 2012, the Obama campaign famously decided only to give political yard signs in exchange for campaign donations. Cheap political yard signs actually became a fund-raiser for the Obama campaign. That is next level voter engagement.

    Can You Make Custom Political Signs Cost Effective? Cheap Political Signs Are Wise Campaign Investments

    Dr. Kahn’s research uncovered that relatively cheap political signs are one of the more cost- effective tactics can use to increase name recognition. The effect of cheap political signs is probably more significant than direct mail, though direct mail tends to be more expensive to reach the same number of impressions (viewings). Direct mail faces other limitations cheap political signs don’t. Direct mail has not been demonstrated to have the “snowball effect” cheap political signs sometimes create. Timing is an issue, too. Direct mail is usually discarded long before Election Day. Cheap political signs can serve as low-cost, recurring reminders to voters, even as they are driving to the polls.
    Affordability and effectiveness are not opposites, in this case. It is possible to get top quality digital printing on durable coroplast and still create cheap political yard signs. Bulk orders can really make political signs cheap. At DG Promotions, our high quality, digitally printed, cheap political signs start at $1.70.

    Custom Campaign Signs Effect Voter Affinity

    Bolstering constituent engagement and voter turn-out are compelling reasons to distribute custom political signs. Other studies show campaign lawn signs can actually change how voters feel about a candidate. A 2011 control experiment by Cindy Kam and Elizabeth Zechmeister tracked the effects of campaign lawn signs on a voter affinity for a fictitious candidate. They discovered that not only did cheap political yard signs increase the “candidate’s” name recognition, but nearly one-in-four people who regularly saw experimenter’s custom campaign signs preferred the “candidate.”

    Designing the Best Political Campaign Signs

    Designing the Best Political Campaign Signs

    Start by Simplify Your Campaign Sign Design


    Easy to Design Political Signs. Cheap and High Quality Political Sign Maker

    The fundamental role any campaign lawn sign is to achieve name recognition and name affinity. To be most effective, custom campaign signs should focus on the candidate’s name, and very little else. Perhaps the most common error a political sign maker/designer makes is squeezing too much in a limited space. Typically custom campaign signs are viewed just a few moments at a time, so simplicity is best. Campaign sign designs that employ a patriotic theme are usually most effective. Political sign printing skews heavily towards exclusively red, white and blue color-schemes. Many incorporate patriotic elements, like the American flag, eagle, etc. There seems to be little consensus about whether other elements, such as pictures of the candidate, are effective. While no single design has been shown to be universally effective, our key piece of advice as an experienced political sign maker is not to let the graphic design detract from the candidate’s name.

    Adapt Your Custom Political Signs to Technology

    Campaign lawn signs don’t always end up in yards at all, but can be posted in common areas and stores with significant foot traffic. A great innovation in custom political sign printing is including a website domain name or QR code. This innovation enhances the effect even cheap political yard signs have on campaigns. Candidates can now send constituents directly to a website or social media profile via their smart phones. This small innovation can make a big difference in engaging constituents who scan the political yard signs. Obviously, the “landing pages” should present the candidates, their positions, and their credentials in the strongest way. Ideally, constituents would be given the chance to volunteer, donate, and get political signs of their own from these “landing pages.” Please note that only digital printing can cost-effectively embed QR code in cheap political signs.

    Regulations Regarding Political Yard Signs

    States and municipalities may have slightly different regulations regarding campaign lawn signs. Most regulations involving custom campaign signs focus on full disclosure. Typically, political campaign signs are required to identify people or organizations sponsoring the custom political sign. Candidates are often required to expressly state that they approve the campaign. Regulations typically require that custom political signs include “Paid Political Advertisement” (or “Pd. Pol. Adv.”). Many offices require that candidates declare their party affiliation on each political yard sign. Our advice: every political sign maker should include these details in the “fine print.” Better safe than sorry.

    Can Campaign Lawn Signs Be Restricted?

    Local government efforts to restrict citizens from displaying custom campaign signs have met with little success. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Missouri municipal law banning political yard signs at private residences. Municipalities responded by trying to limit the time campaign lawn signs can be displayed, Lower courts have held that this 1994 Supreme Court ruling also invalidates efforts to limit when, or for how long, a campaign sign can be displayed. Municipalities are have little power to regulate custom political campaign signs on private property. Not so with HOA’s, however, where a contractual regulation can be written into the CCR. Where municipalities are constrained by the First Amendment in regulating custom political signs, private condominium and homeowners associations may regulate campaign lawn signs, depending on the terms of the HOA agreement.

    Conclusions About Custom Campaign Signs


    Your Unrivaled Political Sign Maker

    • Political campaign signs are more significant in when name recognition is low. While custom political signs may have a minimal impact on high profile campaigns, such as Governor or President, in lower-profile elections, such as state and municipal elections, campaign lawn signs can be a difference maker.
    • Each campaign sign can impact voter turn-out rates, and voter engagement. In low information races, campaign lawn signs even effect how voters feel about a candidate.
    • Cheap political signs can be extraordinarily cost-effective.
    • One key is getting political yard signs in place early. They can have a significant snowball effect, but assuming they hold up to the weather, they are more effective the longer they are displayed.

    What Are You Waiting For? Let DG Promotions Be Your Political Sign Maker

    DG Promotion is one of America’s most decorated, trusted custom printers. Our quality, customer service, and versatility are unrivaled. Begin our fast and easy political sign printing process today. Please call 800-714-3583. We would love to make cheap, custom, political campaign signs for you.